How much money will I make?
Channel69cash affiliates will earn 50% of all initial sales and 50% of all rebills. If you feel you Deserve a Higher payout Contact us and tell us why. We will review your request within 24 hours.
 Is there a way to get a Higher Payout?
We do offer high payout percentages webmasters who can send us a significant number of joins per period. If you would like to negotiate a higher payout, Contact us and tell us how many joins you can send. We will review your request within 24-48 hours.
 How often will I get paid?
CCBill issues webmaster checks on a weekly basis.
 Who will pay me?
All checks will come directly from CCBill. Get paid on time every time. If you choose to merge all of your CCBill accounts, payments for all CCBill sites you promote will be paid out in one weekly check.
What if I want to use a Billing company other then CCbill?
We are also registered with Epoch Systems and Ibill. If you would like to use Epoch or Ibill instead of CCbill, we can make a special arrangement for you.
Do you offer Webmaster referral Payments?
Yes, we pay our webmasters 5% commission for referring other webmasters to our program. This payment is also handled directly by CCbill.
Do you have free content for webmasters?
Absolutely. We have free hosted video galleries as well as video clips for webmasters to use in promoting our sites.
Visit the Promotional Section.
What happens if I break the TOS (Terms of Service)?
Your account will be terminated and you will forfeit all earnings.
How do I contact support?
Click Here to Contact our Support Personal.
Do you allow Spamming to promote
NO. Spamming will result in immediate, NO QUESTIONS ASKED termination of your account and forfeiture of all earnings. If you are a legitimate e-mail marketing company, we are always open to a discussion about your form of e-mail marketing. Please feel free to Contact us.

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